Telford Powerchair Football Club

Established in 2000, Telford Powerchair Football Club, Shropshire, has been offering powerchair football in the town for two years after forming a partnership with local authorities and AFC Telford United. Its members, of differing ages and wheelchair ability, are provided access to sport not available elsewhere in the local community.

The club has proactively run sessions in local schools and community venues to raise awareness of the sport and increase its membership. Telford Powerchair Football Club aims to support the development of its members within the sport and the community. It aspires to host large national and international tournaments in an effort to provide further development and awareness opportunities.

Angela Reeve, secretary, said: 'This £860 Cash 4 Clubs grant will enable us to expand training sessions - we will increase the number of participants and improve the overall quality of coaching. It is great to be able to send our volunteer coaches on the WFA Coaching Wheelchair Football Course and our members will also benefit from new power chair footballs.'

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Telford Powerchair FC

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