The Football Foundation

The Football Foundation are the largest funder of grassroots football in the UK. They work with the FA, funded by the Premier League, in unison with the Government. They invest around £40m each year into giving sport grants to help football clubs at the lowest level.

They run the Goalpost Safety Scheme which came about after inspections during the 2001/2002 season found that of all goals tested, 41% of mini-soccer goals, 50% of 5-a-side goals and 22% of junior goals failed stability tests. This had led to £1.8m in grants being given to replace unsafe goalposts up and down the country.

With several other schemes aimed to encourage football and improve safety then this is the place to start your research for a sports grant if you are a football club. With specialist schemes aimed to improve facilities, build bridges with the community, get kit for youth clubs, as well as projects to help with literacy and promotion of the sport in deprived areas. The Football Foundation offers many options for those looking to improve their football club.

The Kickz scheme, aimed at improving literacy through football, is one that has proved successful. They have funding from HM Treasury via the Football Foundation and additional support from the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS). Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced an expansion of the programme in September 2007 that'll help keep the Kickz scheme on the right footing.

The Football Foundation have a special 'junior kit scheme grant' which is aimed at youth clubs who can't afford to raise the money needed for new kit. Clubs can apply for a new kit grant every three years and twice that if there is both a boys and a girls team.

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