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Applications are now open for the Autumn 2015 round of grants. Please submit your application by 17th August 2015. Applications received after 18:00 on 17th August 2015 will not be accepted.

Please complete the form below to apply for a Cash 4 Clubs sports grant. All fields should be filled in and please take your time to explain the story behind your grant request as this is what the judges will be reviewing.

We strongly recommend you save your application notes elsewhere before you press the 'submit' button (e.g. write your application on a saved Word doc. and copy and paste onto the form).

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The person applying on behalf of the sports club must be aged 18 or over. Please also note our Terms and Conditions.

Please email if you have any accessibility issues relating to the application form and process.

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Please answer the following questions within the suggested word count, explaining why your club is eligible and deserves a Cash 4 Clubs grant.

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