About us

What is Cash 4 Clubs?

Cash 4 Clubs is a sports funding scheme which gives clubs a unique chance to apply for grants to improve facilities, purchase new equipment, gain coaching qualifications, and generally invest in the sustainability of their club. Since 2008 over £291,000 has been given out in grants to 373 community sports clubs across the UK. It's a flexible, no-fuss way to get some help for your club or team.

The Cash 4 Clubs scheme is funded by Paddy Power Betfair and is supported by SportsAid, the charity for sports people. Paddy Power Betfair and SportsAid have worked in partnership for a number of years and both organisations understand the importance of community sport in promoting an active lifestyle and stimulating local pride. It's a great time to be involved with sport and Cash 4 Clubs can hopefully play an important role in helping clubs to sustain and develop themselves.

How do clubs apply?

Applications are now closed for the 2017 round of grants. Thanks to all the clubs who applied for funding this year, we will announce details of the next Cash4Clubs application process on this website soon.

What grants are available?

There are four tiers of grants at £250, £500, £750 and £1,000 which are awarded on a discretionary basis. For details click here.

Who can apply?

Any sports club can apply as long as they are registered with their sports National Governing Body or local authority.

How are the grants chosen?

Grants are awarded once a year after selection by our committee. For more details please click here.

What is Paddy Power Betfair's involvement?

Paddy Power Betfair created the innovative Cash 4 Clubs programme to provide community sports clubs in the UK with much needed funds.

This is linked to Paddy Power Betfair's vision to be a champion of regional and community sport, which evolved from its successful 'Charity of the Year' partnership with SportsAid. Paddy Power Betfair recognises the importance of sport in building and maintaining communities and therefore Cash 4 Clubs fits with its much broader community investment programme. Paddy Power Betfair is committed to giving money to charities and supporting sports development both in this country and overseas.

Why partner with SportsAid?

SportsAid is "the charity for sports people" in the UK, helping the next generation of young British sportsmen and women to succeed. By working closely with the National Governing Bodies, they ensure that sportspeople get the required help and recognition, and get it when they need it most. Intervention at such a crucial time is often the difference between a young sports person continuing in their chosen sport or quitting.

Every one of the talented young people SportsAid is able to help each year has had a great introduction to sport through their school or local club and Cash 4 Clubs is a innovative way to provide a little help back to this part of the sporting landscape. SportsAid is well-placed to widen the awareness of Cash 4 Clubs and can be an efficient channel through which to direct the funding.

For more details please visit the SportsAid website.


James Hickman, SportsAid Ambassador and 5 times World Swimming Champion:
"The development of grass roots sport through community clubs is essential to help increase participation and bring on new talent in sport. As a former member of Leeds Swimming Club, I know how important the provision of good facilities is and am delighted to support Paddy Power Betfair's Cash 4 Clubs initiative which provides clubs in Yorkshire with the chance to earn some of the funds needed to improve facilities and attract new members."

Ed Coode MBE, twice World Champion and Olympic Gold medalist and SportsAid Alumni:
"Good facilities and coaching in community clubs are key to the development of grass roots sport. Having grown up in Cornwall and now residing in Somerset, I am delighted to support Paddy Power Betfair's Cash 4 Clubs initiative in the South West which provides clubs with the opportunity to earn some of the funds needed to improve both facilities and coaching which will help attract new members and bring on new talent in sport."